Our hands-on approach, working with client teams in an integrated fashion coupled with excel modelling skills enables us to offer several bespoke practical transfer pricing and tax solutions.

The intercompany transaction calculation tool (IC Tool) enables your accounting department to run monthly invoicing cycles in a streamlined and robust way. This bespoke solution was developed for our clients with highly digitalised and international operations.

The permanent establishment monitoring tool uses your company data to:



Depending on your requirements the IC Tool functionality may include:

  • Automatic import, manipulation and required adjustments of your accounting data;

  • Application of the set transfer pricing policy to calculate the amounts for the intercompany invoices;

  • Live adjustments of inputs for the transfer pricing policy;

  • Overview and audit trail of the related party invoices;

  • Generation of import file for your accounting software;

  • Generation of cost breakdown reporting for local management and compliance;

  • Year-end or periodic reconciliation of local entity results.

  • Assess the local presence against key permanent risk thresholds;

  • Risk weighting of the jurisdictions that may need further analysis, additional legal substance or risk mitigation measures;

  • Quantify the potential corporate income tax exposure;

  • Provide a heatmap to monitor permanent establishment risks and identify the risk weighted actions on regular basis.


The interest rate setting tool is designed to enable your treasury function or support your fund administration by providing the practical solution to price your related party financing transactions. Key features of the interest rate setting tool are:

  • Creditworthiness assessment methodology designed around the type of financing and borrower / underlying asset characteristics;

  • Interest rate market data combined with the policy around data standardisation and regular updates;

  • Arm’s length adjustments to the base rate depending on the sensitivity of the tool;

  • User friendly interface for input / output and audit trail.