Are you the founder, CEO or CFO of an ambitious start up ready to grow it to and beyond a unicorn? Are you focusing on achieving your commercial goals and frustrated by the complexities of doing business across different countries?

You are at a right place - we are here to make it easy for you.

We provide different levels of support enabling solid and scalable growth of startups. Monthly service bundles are a way to tap into our know-how, covering transfer pricing, IP identification and management, tax, legal, finance, accounting, regulatory, commercial, and operational topics.


Gedmina Rumsiene, Financial Controller, TransferGo

It's an absolute pleasure to work with iVC due to their innovative approaches to tackling and solving problems.
The importance of maintenance of compliant transfer pricing policies is increasing and having specialists you can trust help your business to save time and money.

The Team combine excellent technical knowledge with great pragmatism and willingness to deep dive and find solutions that suit our needs, also coordinating from a global perspective the work carried out by local experts in each of our markets. We had struggled to find advisors who would be able to assist us on a global basis, taking into account accounting as well as tax and regulatory aspects: with iVC, we finally met our match. Thanks to their proactivity, flexibility and business-orientedness, it truly feels like a business partnership rather than a service provider relationship.”

Awesome work from the team to a tight deadline and over the lead up to Christmas. Much appreciated!

Zeno Capucci,
General Counsel,

Sam Harris,
VP Finance
Volt Technologies Limited