We have in-depth expertise in valuation of intangibles and intangibles rich businesses. We can assist by performing valuations on software IP, trademark, brand, customer lists, contracts and other. We also perform business valuations for whole or portion of your highly digitalised operations.

We can help you streamline your finance and accounting processes related to both intercompany invoicing and transfer pricing in general. Mapping respective processes out is the first step towards greater efficiency and stakeholder alignment. Let us help you achieve better structure and clarity in transfer pricing and related processes.





Excel is second nature to us. We can support your transfer pricing, tax, finance, accounting processes with custom build models helping you test and understand transfer pricing impacts, monitor cash flows, profitability, tax/VAT position and other business relevant KPIs.

With growing businesses and scale of intercompany transactions, finance and accounting teams can struggle to keep track of all intercompany flows. There is an ever increasing time spend on calculating intercompany fees, adjusting old calculations to include new costs, entities, transactions and otherwise keeping finance and accounting records neat and audit trail clear.

We can help you standardise and automate parts of your processes so that you can save time, reduce human error, have audit trail in your finance and accounting processes relating to transfer pricing.

We have substantial experience and can support you in the areas of focus beyond transfer pricing.