Beyond transfer pricing

iVC Consulting is an independent consulting firm specializing in the value chain optimisation for multinational companies, offering support in defining, refining, and improving your cross-border operations and scaling strategies. Alongside transfer pricing our comprehensive solutions also encompass the coverage of valuations, accounting, process automation and international taxation.


As start-ups grow and expand operations internationally, transfer pricing considerations become increasingly important.

A global transfer pricing model can help centralize your efforts, create efficiencies and facilitate your strategic goals.

We bring innovation to conventional transfer pricing documentation and consulting.

We partner with asset management, private equity and venture capital firms helping them maximise portfolio value.


Gedmina Rumsiene, Financial Controller, TransferGo

We have been engaged with Arnas/iVC Consulting as our transfer pricing consultants since approximate three years ago. During these engagements, the consultants had demonstrated excellent knowledge at all times to perform their work at the highest quality. They are also a group of excellent specialists who listen to their client's needs.

The team is young but nevertheless very experienced and knowledgeable. They quickly obtained a good understanding of our quite complex global structure and resulting needs in relation to a global transfer pricing policy. They approached the problem as if they were internal employees of Docplanner - in a very pragmatic and efficient way. I was also impressed by their modeling skills. Highly recommend, especially for high-growth tech companies.

We appreciated the team’s in-depth knowledge of the fintech sector which meant that, in addition to their solid work on our transfer pricing project, they were able to assist and actively engage in operational discussions which arose during the project. This was an added bonus which was very helpful!

Peter Bialo, CFO,

Stephanie Lopes,