The benefits of monthly service bundles are:

  1. Ensuring that the proposed designs / plans are implemented as intended or adjusted to align with the business needs.

  2. Providing you access to our know-how real time and at a discounted price.

  3. Supporting your growth by bringing clarity and structure to the complexities that come with scaling cross-border.

It is our goal that your cross border growth is smooth and lean. Growing cross border, adapting to unfamiliar regulations in various countries requires continuous alignment between different internal and external stakeholders, and specific expertise.  

Our monthly service bundles is a way for you to be on top of your needs in cross border growth, including cross border legal, accounting, tax, transfer pricing, and other, at a fraction of the cost. We act as an effective in-house transfer pricing department of the company. We have developed a successful and cost-effective approach to manage the implementation of cross border and transfer pricing related projects. Our approach enables your cross border related initiatives & projects to have traction.


Monthly service bundles include:

  • Regular calls, including on-call consulting,

  • Aftercall summaries,

  • Information-Deliverables-Implementation tracker (IDI tracker)

  • Additional need base advice (included in the Pro level)

Monthly service bundles include:

Regular 45 min. calls, including on-call consultingwhere our experts would be:

  • Guiding you through the necessary steps that need to be taken to implement the proposed structure;

  • Making sure you keep the right track;

  • Advising you on ad-hoc questions you may have and sharing our experience / best practices.

After call summaries listing what has been discussed and agreed during our meeting to maintain progress.

IDI tracker - iVC proprietary tool to capture project management aspects of implementing international operating models.
Updating IDI that would entail regular revision of:

This ongoing process would ensure that iVC identifies and addresses immediate priorities, keeping our project management responsive and aligned with evolving needs. The maintenance of the implementation plan ensures that we capture and address the changes to the process real time.

  • Our implementation plan;

  • Deliverables;

  • An information tracker based on discussions during our calls.


At iVC Consulting we offer our clients 3 different levels of monthly service bundles.

*Please note that the service bundle would include us advising and guiding you during the calls. If any significant work needs to be delivered (i.e. collaboration with other stakeholders, specific further analysis or report, detailed review of documents etc.) this would be scoped and budgeted separately.

Starter level - 1 monthly call
Value €1,025 + VAT
Offer €750 + VAT (27% discount)

Medium level - 2 monthly calls
Value €2,050 + VAT
Offer €1,250 + VAT (35% discount)

Pro level - 4 monthly calls
Value €4,325 + VAT
Please contact us for an offer.


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Agnė Petkevičiūtė,
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