London Tech Week 2023, happening from June 12th to 16th, lit up the global tech scene. On the first day, excited attendees eagerly gathered, ready to connect with the tech community at London Tech Week. The enthusiasm of many, including our colleagues, was not curbed by the ceremonial wait in the queue which zigzagged around the venue. We used the ample time outside and the free coffee to contemplate virtual reality (VR) - is it now the future?

iVC Managing Director – Arnas Laurynas, and other team members: Vishwa, Nouman, and Abdul were part of this experience as well.

As the day unfolded, it became clear that virtual reality (VR) had won the hearts of the attendees, at least of our colleagues. Although the virtual reality headsets in the exposition seemed still in their early stages, they had their chances for a successful future ahead. The London Tech Week 2023 was a thrilling gathering of tech experts, startup pioneers, and industry leaders, all driven by the spark of innovation. Beyond technology, it shone a spotlight on the brilliant founders and startups fueling the UK's tech prowess.

During the event, iVC team members observed a few noteworthy insights:

  • Tech Ecosystem Growth: London Tech Week highlighted the importance of growing a strong and resilient UK tech ecosystem. This involved discussions on sustainable businesses, supporting startups, and nurturing the skills needed for the future. The event also emphasized Createch's impact on sustainable fashion, discussed AI in the creative sector, addressed gender diversity provided insights for entrepreneurs, and recognized the significance of LLMs in technology.

  • Recognizing UK / European Founders: During #LTW23, Arnas realized that British founders and startup ventures frequently receive less recognition in the public eye than their American counterparts.

  • UK vs. US Tech: It was a moment of realization that, aside from those that Arnas actively works with or wants to work with, the network of tech UK founders remains rather closed.

In summary, London Tech Week 2023 was a hub of tech excitement! It not only showcased cutting-edge technology but also highlighted the often-overlooked brilliance of UK founders and startups. Our team members, including Vishwa, Nouman, Abdul, and Arnas were part of this exciting experience. The key findings for us were the thriving UK and European startup scene, interesting European and German start-up pitches, and the exciting journeys that founders shared. While AI took the spotlight, our team wished for more practical, real-world stories on it. We are inspired to help UK (and not only) startup pioneers grow and facilitate their cross-border scaling by creating innovative value chain solutions for them.