OECD's simplified approach to the evaluation of transactions

🚀 Exciting Update on Transfer Pricing! As part of the OECD guidance on Amount B, a Simplified Approach has been introduced to streamline the evaluation for certain transactions.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Qualifying Transactions & Scope:

    • Applicable to buy-sell marketing, distribution transactions, and sales agency or commissionaire setups.

    • Requires reliable pricing using a one-sided transfer pricing method.

    • Tested party’s annual operating expenses must be between 3% and 30% of annual net revenues.

  2. Exclusion Criteria:

    • Excludes transactions involving non-tangible goods or commodities.

    • Also excluded are scenarios where the tested party undertakes significant non-distribution activities, such as manufacturing or substantial service delivery, unless these can be reliably priced and evaluated separately.

    • This ensures that only transactions that are straightforward and have less ambiguity in their pricing are included under this simplified scheme.

  3. Key Financial Terms:

    • Operating Expenses: Excludes COGS, pass-through costs, financing, investment activities, and taxes.

    • Net Operating Asset Intensity (OAS) and Operating Expense Intensity (OES): Both are calculated on a three-year weighted average basis.

  4. Industry Grouping:

    • Group 1: Perishable foods, construction materials, household consumables.

    • Group 2: IT hardware, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics.

    • Group 3: Medical and industrial machinery, and other industrial supplies.

  5. Simplified Pricing Matrix:

    • A structured method to determine suitable returns for distribution activities based on industry group, OAS, and OES ratios.

    • Requires taxpayers to document proof of qualification and proper method application.

🔍 This approach aims to reduce complexity and ensure a more uniform application of transfer pricing rules. It’s a significant step towards clarity and efficiency in cross-border transactions.

💬 Could this be a game-changer for international business operations?

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