iVC Consulting – iValuechain Consulting – is a new brand in the field of crossborder scaling and value chain optimisation. iVC Consulting currently has offices in London and Vilnius, with a planned expansion into the US market alongside the new brand.

The iVC Consulting business has spined off from the international Quantera Global network, creating an innovative standalone consulting practice that will continue partnering with Quantera Global as an alliance firm. Among other things iVC Consulting will continue to support start-ups and scale-ups through their international expansion.

"Although we started out as a transfer pricing services company, we have been specialising in providing a broader range of consultancy services including valuation, excel modelling, transfer pricing accounting process implementation and automation for fast growing businesses for some time now. The knowledge and experience of the iVC Consulting team and partners, focused on high-growth businesses and sectors, can help other start-ups, scale-ups, asset management funds or investment companies to overcome the challenges in transfer pricing, international tax, accounting, intellectual property and value chain optimisation in a simpler and easier way." - comments Arnas Laurynas, Managing Director of iVC Consulting in the UK.

More specifically, IVC Consulting has developed a new way of working on crossborder issues for a fast-growing companies. „We believe in the solutions that are implementable and scalable. Common approach to transfer pricing issues historically and - it remains accurate even nowadays - has been rather reactive and compliance focused. We want to change that. We have gained experience working with a large number of fast growing businesses. We help them in transfer pricing but have to consider and advice on a large number of related issues, e.g. accounting, tax, cashflow management, legal, intellectual property, regulatory, valuations, etc. By working closely with our clients, we gained deep understanding on the wide range critical aspects to be consider as a business gains traction and expands internationally. We want to share that blueprint in a much more focused and innovative way going forward. “- elaborates Monika Sapranauskiene, Executive Director, leading iVC Consulting practice in the Baltics.

"A large number of our clients have reached unicorn status, having grown not only in the UK, but also in Central European countries, Scandinavia, and the USA. As these clients' businesses have grown rapidly, so has the need for more sophisticated, value-creating advice. Thus, over the past six years since we started our business, both - we and our range of services - have grown. We believe that we are able to offer unique holistic solutions that perfectly meets the needs of rapidly expanding international businesses and active asset management companies", shares Arnas.

iVC Consulting also continues its cooperation with the Quantera Global network, especially in the area of transfer pricing, with large, multi-country transfer pricing planning, documentation and audit projects.